New Gear, and All the Brands We Stock!

New Gear, and All the Brands We Stock!

“How Many Guitars?”

If you spend a lot of time on our website, you know we list hundreds of new, used and vintage gear every single day. We’re a dealer for many top brands, and the variety of gear we carry at Dave’s Guitar Shop is pretty astounding! Dave’s Guitar Shop has been the Midwest’s go-to instrument retailer for nearly 40 years, and for good reason! 

“Just One More!”

We don’t only stock new gear, of course. We’re always looking to buy and trade gear with our customers. You never know what kind of guitar, bass, drum or oddity is going to come through the shop, so when a really unique piece gets listed, you’ve got to be quick! 

If you’re looking to find out how much your gear is worth, shoot us a message!

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