Tele Pickup Set
Tele Pickup Set

Tele Pickup Set

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New, with boxes. Custom wound vintage spec tele set.

From Pete Flynn: "It's ABOUT the pickups! For me, it all started with my December 1950 Broadcaster. The elusive tone. The magic. How did that happen? How did Fender do it? It took me years to figure it out. It is a combination of things; materials, windings, hand assembly; and with a little help from Nacho Banos and his Black Guard book. That was the first time the details of the pickups were published. That all led me down the proverbial rabbit hole. So 17 years later I have succeeded in duplicating this set of so called "Black Guard" pickups.  So many pickup builders offer a Broadcaster or Black Guard set of pickups that are made with the correct materials, etc. I have bought and tried most every set and something was missing. It's been a very frustrating endeavor purchasing all these so-called imitations because they all fall short. And these people actually claim they use the correct materials. I bought one set from a very acclaimed builder and the magnets weren't even the correct ones. I mean really? So that's what got me to go at it on my own. Even after you source all of the period correct materials they have to be properly prepared and then that leads to the winding of the pickup. This is where the real magic is found. Yes you have to hand wind and use the proper amount of windings but...there is the "scatter wind", the "uniform wind" and other patterns that need to be employed . Somewhere in the middle of all of that is the pattern that I found that makes that elusive tone come back from 1950 and jump right out. The bridge pickup is the most elusive. The 1950 Broadcaster/Black Guard bridge pickup tone has many complex things going on but most importantly is that it stays chimey when clean and retains the chime even in heavy overdrive and or distortion. It does not get harsh like a Tele bridge pickup. Its a sweeter top end, has a vocal quality to it and incredible sustain. It's most important than when under serious overdrive that when you get to the top of the volume control that the high end falls of just a bit, therefor it doesn't tear your ear off like a Tele. But when you roll the volume back off just a hair, the sweet high end comes right back into the fold. There is a reason people pay big bucks for Broadcasters and Nocasters as those instruments own that tone.
​Now you too can own that tone, it's just a bit cheaper...."

What's included: Box

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We had a GREAT experience. Raina helped us and we were there buying a guitar for my daughter. We didn't know anything and she was mindful of budget, never made us feel stupid and explained everything clearly. I would happily refer friends.

Kay Nystrom

Great! Tylor and Staff did an excellent job on helping me find what I needed! Thank you, Daves Guitar Shop!

David Meat Protsman

I took a student of mine to get his first guitar...a PRS SE Custom 24. We drove 3 hours to the guitar mecca of Wisconsin. Big shout out to Brett, Jordan, Christian, Brandon and Dave. I also took my student to see the collection upstairs and Dave was kind enough to answer some trivia questions concerning the PRS collection. Great experience, worth the travel. Thanks and Rawk on!

David Karas (Under The Radar)

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