The Worm Modulator

The Worm Modulator

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Congratulations on your purchase of The Worm, a multi-functional modulation pedal. The Worm is four analog effects in one: Modulated Wah, Phaser, Tremolo and Vibrato.


Your Worm comes equipped with a 24 volt DC (inner positive) / 100mA external power adapter. Use only the power adapter that is supplied! Using the wrong adapter can cause serious bodily injury and may damage your unit. This will void the warranty.


MODE Rotary Switch - Selects between the four different types of effects: WAH, PHASER, TREMOLO and VIBRATO.

RANGE Knob - Adjusts the amount of effect that will be applied to your signal. As the RANGE knob is turned from the Counter-Clockwise (minimum) position to the Clockwise (maximum) position, the intensity of the effect will increase.

RATE Knob - Adjusts the speed of modulation for the effect. As the RATE knob is turned from the Counter-Clockwise (minimum) position to the Clockwise (maximum) position, the speed of the effect will go from slow to fast.

AUTO/MANUAL/EXP Toggle Switch - Set this switch to AUTO mode for normal modulation use. When this switch is set to MANUAL/EXP mode, the internal modulation waveform is disconnected from the circuit and the RANGE knob will sweep through the effect. In addition, while in MANUAL/EXP mode, you can connect an expression pedal or control voltage (between 0 - 5V only) to the EXP. PEDAL jack and use the expression pedal to sweep the effects.

STATUS LED and FOOTSWITCH - If the effect is engaged, the LED will blink at the same rate that the effect modulates. If the LED is off, The Worm is in True Bypass mode. The footswitch engages/disengages the effect.


INPUT Jack - Connect your instrument to this jack. The input impedance present at this jack is 300 k(.

OUTPUT Jack - Connect this jack to your amp or next effects pedal. The output impedance present at this jack is 1 k(.

EXP. PEDAL Jack - Connect an Expression Pedal to this jack or the output from a Control Voltage generator. The expression pedal must have a TRS plug attached to it with the tip attached to the pedal’s wiper. The control voltage must be between 0V and 5V. The input impedance present at this jack is 100 k(.

Acceptable expression pedals include: M-Audio EX-P, Moog Expression Pedal, Roland EV-5 and Boss FV-500L.

24V PWR Jack - Connect the output plug from the supplied 24VDC/100mA wall wart to the 24V PWR jack at the top of The Worm. Please use only the AC Adapter that came supplied with The Worm. The Worm does not accept batteries.

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