Holiday Shopping Guide 2022

Holiday Shopping Guide 2022

Holiday Shopping Guide 2022

It’s that time of year again, the scramble to find the perfect present for your guitar-playing loved one. Guitarists far and wide would agree, the perfect gift is probably this guitar, but that is a pretty big ask. There has got to be something else the musician in your life would want this holiday season, but what?

Fret not (see what I did there?) Dave’s Guitar Shop knows what the musicians in your life need and want! We’ve curated a list of killer gift ideas any musician would be happy to receive this holiday season. So, check out these cool gift ideas at Dave’s Guitar Shop!

Snark Headstock Tuner

Snark is ubiquitous with in-tune guitars. Even if you’ve never heard the name before, you’ve probably seen a Snark Headstock tuner used at a show, friend’s house, or anywhere guitars are played. These tuners tick a lot of boxes for the average guitar player.

They’re easy to use, high quality, and cost between $15.99 to $19.99 depending on the model. The only downside is if you’re a guitar player, like me, you can’t find it when you need it. So, maybe pick up two for the musician on your list. 

Guitar Picks

Guitarists can be degenerate savages when it comes to guitar picks. Us music types have probably lost more guitar plectrums than we’ve ever actually bought, and while that sounds like hyperbole, it’s not. I myself have had so many guitar picks go through the “permanent press” cycle in my dryer, that I’m beginning to think it is the secret to my tone. 

Moral of the story? Picks are guitar player treasure. There are probably a few in your sofa, maybe in your car, but almost never around when they’re needed. Get a Variety Pick Pack from Dunlop. They’re $4.99, come with a variety of different pics, and your guitarist friend is going to be stoked that you “found some picks.”


This is not a “fun” gift. In the pantheon of cool gadgets and gizmos, a rectangle that tells the temperature and humidity of a room is pretty lame. Unless, of course, you’re a musician, where these two external factors can be the difference between a functioning instrument, and a nonfunctioning disappointment. Just ask Andy Powers, Master Luthier at Taylor Guitars. 

Guitars (especially acoustics) are highly susceptible to weather changes. Temperature and humidity specifically have a big impact on the instrument, because wood tends to shift and move with these changes. A hygrometer is a great “set and forget” gift that any musician would be happy to receive. Taylor Guitars sells a high quality digital Hygrometer for $24.99, and they look pretty sleek too. 

Hercules GS414B Plus

Not all guitar stands are built the same. Some are prone to tipping, others only hold one style of guitar, and some hold  guitars in more precarious positions than others. The Hercules GS414B Plus, however, is a cut above.

Hercules Stands are perhaps best known for their Auto Grip System (AGS,) or a weight sensitive locking mechanism to keep your guitar in place when you put it in its’ stand. The GS414B Plus is great because whether it’s a Strat, Dreadnought, Flying V, Ukulele, or Banjo, you can be assured that it is in a stable rack. They’re great to have nearby when inspiration hits, and $55.99 is quite a bit better than a $300 headstock repair. 

Maestro Fuzztone FZ-M Fuzz Pedal

Pedals are just fun. Really any new pedal is a thoughtful gift for the guitarists in your life, because it allows them to play and experiment with new sounds to shape their tone. Now, this pedal is more for the “fuzz junkies” in the room, so Gordon Lightfoot tribute acts may want to steer clear of this one. 

People who use fuzz pedals like to experiment with a lot of different fuzz pedals. We could do a whole blog dedicated to just this one style of pedal, but today we’ll keep it brief. Original Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1 is the archetype for which all pedals of this style are molded after. For just $149, you can experience a faithful recreation of FZ-1 sound, and with the flip of a switch, a modern take on the classic tone. 

Kyser Acoustic Quick-Change Capo

Acoustic guitarists love these things, and just like picks, lose them constantly. Keep it simple; a Kyser Capo is a singer-songwriter’s best friend. For around $30, you can get your holiday shopping knocked out quicker than Sonny Liston  in 1965…  which happens to be a great year for Strats too!

Danelectro Stock ‘59

This is a divisive guitar. We’ve been talking about these at the shop all week, and we’re split on whether they’re so eclectic they’re cool or too eclectic to be cool. The people who love these guitars (me) will tell you that their bucking of tradition in guitar construction is what makes them so neat. The folks on the other side of this debate (Ed) will say that they’re too goofy to be practical. Where both sides of this quandary meet in the middle is that they’d both like to own one. 

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t know you wanted until you received it? The Danelectro Stock '59 is that guitar for guitar players. $459 might be more than you’re looking to spend on one gift this holiday, but this is something that they may not otherwise consider buying on their own. They’ll be thrilled to get something different tonally, and thrilled you thought of them. 


Fender Original Series Coil Cable

Nothing is worse than tangled guitar cables. Even when you’re practicing at home, almost assuredly the quarter inch cable will get wound up in itself. At risk of sounding like a late night infomercial, ‘there’s got to be a better way!’

Coil cables are great for at home practice and stage performance. Coil cables are exactly as they sound; a quarter inch cable that wraps in a coil, not unlike a corded phone. If you become tangled in your chords, the coil cable is much easier to untangle. We like the Original series cable, because it is durably constructed, and comes in three cool colors, and At $49.99 this is a slam dunk gift for the guitarist on your list. 


BOSS WAZA Air Guitar Amp

Let’s be honest, guitars can get pretty loud, and if you live with your guitar playing friend, you might want to find something that’s a little more tame than their usual rig. It’s not that you don’t appreciate the raw awesome power of an E-II Eclipse plugged into a dimed 

SLO-100 head and 4x12 cab with a modified tube screamer, sometimes you just want a little bit of quiet in the house.

The BOSS WAZA Air Guitar Amp is possibly one of the best headphone amplifiers I have ever used. Comparatively, many headphone amps can sound compressed and grainy. Even when a set of headphones are plugged into an aux out of an amplifier, it just doesn’t feel like an amp.  The WAZA Air Guitar Amp is next-level in this category, and really does the job. The companion phone app allows for total customization of the guitar tones, and it’s so simple to use. $399.99, perfect gift for your music loving friend, and your sanity!

Dave’s Guitar Shop Winter Hat

These winter hats are awesome! When they came into the shop, they were an immediate hit. We’ve been working on these for about 8 months, so we’re excited about them. Stylish, warm, and goes great with a Dave’s Guitar Shop Hoodie! For $14.99, your holiday shopping is over. Also, these go over really well if you’re gifting to someone named ‘Dave.’ 

That is the list! Congratulations, your guitar playing loved one is all set for the holiday this year. All of the products mentioned in this list can be found at Dave’s Guitar Shop. Stop, so stop in and check out these exciting gift ideas. 

 If it’s not on the list, what should be? Leave a comment below, and tell us all about it!

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