Frequently asked questions

If your question isn't answered in the following, we'd be happy to help you. Just call 608-785-7704, email or come visit us for your answer!


We do offer free standard ground shipping on all Small Goods, Guitars and Small Amplifiers. You will see this reflected as a $20 reduction on the price of the item you are purchasing and $20 shipping fee. In the case of a returned item you are still liable for the shipping charges both ways. You will be refunded the full price of the item you purchased, except for the $20 shipping fee.

UPS has proven to be the fastest, cheapest, most reliable shipping service, as well as have the easiest tracking and least amount of damage.

We ship overseas and to military addresses, but we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.  However, due to our dealer agreement, we do not ship the folllowing brands outside the USA: Fender, Guild, Gretsch, and Charvel.


If you buy a product and have it
shipped to you, you can return it within 48 hours for a full refund/return, no questions asked.  You must pay for shipping both ways, though.  For in store purchases and special order products, there is no return policy.


For used gear, we have a 60 day
warranty unless marked “as is”. As for all other new gear, each company has a different warranty. We also offer a 60 day warranty on all work done on guitars at the repair shop.


Yes, we have a full service repair shop at each of our stores. Our luthiers are professionally-trained and available during regular store hours.

Amp repairs are performed in the La Crosse store and your amp will be transported to and from free of charge.

We are an authorized service center for Fender.


As of May 2022, we will only 'hold' an item if there is 1) a firm pending deal (for example, a customer is sending trades and has provided a tracking number, or payment is being sent via snail mail) or 2) if a customer is currently in transit to check out an item.


Yes, we do have a layaway option. We require a deposit of 20% of the item’s selling price. We will then hold that item for you for a period of 90 days. The 48 hour
approval period will not apply to any item on a layaway purchase. In the event of a “failed layaway”, any and all deposits that were paid are non-refundable,
and are also not transferable for the purchase of another item. Please inquire if you have specific questions about this policy.

Inventory Transfer between stores

Yes!  We offer two different options depending on your needs:

1. We'll transfer any item between any of our stores for free with our own transport service. This generally runs once every two weeks, however there is no guaranteed delivery date or time and is subject to change without notice.  The item will not be on hold for you and still available for purchase in its current location and online. Once the item arrives, we will notify you that the item is in the location you requested.

2. If you're reasonably certain you'd like to purchase the item, we take a $20 deposit up front to cover our cost for shipping it to another store.  However, the item will not be placed on hold for you during transit and may sell in the meantime.  If that happens, your $20 will be refunded. In most cases, the item will arrive within 2 business days to the desired location, however any specific delivery time is not guaranteed.  Once it has arrived, we will notify you. If you choose to purchase the item, the $20 deposit will be deducted from the price of the item at checkout.  If you decide against the item, the $20 deposit is not refunded to you and cannot be taken as a discount on a different product in the store.

Please note, amps and other large items may not be available for this service.

Yes. Some amps and other large items may not be available for this service if they are 'non-shippable' and/or too large for our transport van (Hammond organs and similar, for example).


Yes, we have private instructors who rent space in the La Crosse store and offer lessons. For pricing and times, contact them directly to learn more about their offerings:


Dan Drieson - (608) 796-9120
Joe Gantzer - (608) 317-1544


Tim Powers - (608) 498-1481

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin & Theory:

Cassie Brady - (608) 881-9164 or


Yes, we can appraise a guitar for you over the phone, by way of email or in-store.
We can either give you an approximation or a written professional appraisal.
The costs on all appraisals are free!

Payment Options

We accept all four major credit
cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. We will also accept credit card payments through PayPal online.

It’s for protection - yours and ours! We have had a
couple of unfortunate dealings with credit card fraud (when someone calls in with a stolen card and has it shipped to an address different to that on the card). When that happens, everybody loses. To avoid that, we require that the address you want your product shipped to is registered on the card.
It’s a case where one bad guy makes it hard on the rest of us, but this is to keep all the deals safe.

Yes. They can be purchased in the store, over the phone or on our website here: 

We do not accept C.O.D. but are happy to now be able to accept PayPal online payments. Verified buyers may submit payments to the PayPal account

Our Inventory

Yes we do! We now own and operate Dave's Drum Depot, located in the same building as our Dave's Guitar Shop La Crosse location. Dave's Drum Depot sells a full range of Drums, percussion instruments & accessories, as well as keyboards!
We are now accepting drums, keyboards, guitars, and guitar accessories as trade credit towards anything we have for sale new or used at the guitar shop or drum shop.

We carry many different and diverse dealerships that include the following:

Dr. Z
Bad Cat
Box Drum USA
Latin Percussion LP
Ernie Ball
Huss & Dalton
Tom Anderson
Paul Reed Smith
G & L
Line 6

Selling and buying used gear

Yes! We love to take trades and buy products. We offer 80% on trade/consignment and 50-60% cash payout depending on the item. If you need a trade or cash estimate, call, write, or come on in.

We have recently begun using the same condition ratings that are found on to help provide continuity between our selling platforms. A full description of each condition rating can be found here.