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Meet the Staff


Phillip Kirst

Store Manager & Luthier

With a love of all things music and guitar, I attended Southeast Technical College in Red Wing MN and graduated with a degree in Guitar Building and Repair as well as Advanced Guitar Construction and Production.

After graduation, I started working at Dave’s as a full time Luthier in 2012 and after six years at Dave’s La Crosse, I moved back to my hometown to open the Milwaukee location.  Now, over a decade at DGS, I mainly handle the day-to-day operations of the store and the more in-depth repairs/restorations.

I love to talk vintage guitars and models people have forgotten about and although less often than it used
to be, you can usually find something interesting on my bench any day of the week. 

Ed "Milwizard" Muzia

Assistant Store Manager & Luthier

Hello there! My name is Ed Muzia, and I’ve worked for Dave’s Guitar Shop since 2017. After completing my schooling at Galloup School of Lutherie, I apprenticed under a local luthier in Milwaukee for about 2 years. Once Dave’s Guitar Shop started gaining some traction in Milwaukee, my boss suggested trying to get a job alongside Phil as a repair tech. One phone interview and one bench test later, I had the job at Dave’s. I have slowly worked my way up the ladder from repair tech & sales to assistant store manager. I am thankful for the crew I have working alongside me every day and am honored to be part of the Dave's Guitar Shop family.

Cody C.

Sales & Bass Specialist

I’m the left hand of the Dave’s Milwaukee Megazord, holding down the low end. I have over 20 years of bass playing and other experience.
Yeah I’ve been around the world a bit, here and there. To sum it up, you can’t. I’ll leave you with a quote from my favorite spam email:
“Until our destinies intertwine anew, may your days be filled with moments of grace, kindness, and profound connection."  -Hanmann Chad

Cody's band Tigera

Ryan Claxton

Sales & Shipping

Been playing around in the Milwaukee music scene since 2010 and over that time, I have come to love this city. I try to surround myself around with like-minded musicians, so working at Dave's Guitar Shop has been a great fit for me. Since working here, I now know a great deal about guitars, but if you ever want to talk drums, I'm your guy. Drumming is my true passion and I've been doing that for over 15 years now with no intentions of stopping. I can't stress enough how important creative outlets are in anyone's life so if you haven't found one yet, maybe try picking up an instrument.

Lizzy P-M

Luthier & Store Elf

Hi!  I've worked at Dave's since 2022, learning from learning from Phil and Ed to work on guitars in the shop.  Before that I worked on repairing classical string instruments, as I grew up playing violin before guitar peaked my interest when I was about 16.  I started attending Lawrence University in the fall of 2023, but on my weekends at home I spend my Saturdays at my bench in the shop, setting up guitars and talking about
reality tv.  My favorite part about working at Dave's is the customers - musicians are weird!

Michael Ellington

Sales & Photography

I'm Michael and I've been a part of the Dave's Guitar team since October of 2023. My passion for the 6-string started like many young folk: receiving Guitar Hero II for my 12th birthday. Rock 'n' roll became my addiction, and to this day, it's a huge part of who I am. I love guitars of all shapes and sizes, but my heart falls for the voluptuous round mound of vintage Ovations. Working at Dave's has been a blast and I've been taught so much about guitar learning alongside Phil and Ed on the bench. The knowledge graciously passed on to me every day is something I am very thankful for and I am proud to be on such an outstanding team!

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