Looking for Lessons in La Crosse?

Looking for Lessons in La Crosse?

Are you looking for lessons in La Crosse?  You're not alone!  We receive many inquiries every day.  At the La Crosse store, we have several private instructors who rent teaching studio space and offer lessons. For pricing and times, please contact them directly to learn more about their offerings!


Dan Drieson - (608) 796-9120
Joe Gantzer - (608) 317-1544


Tim Powers - (608) 498-1481

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin & Theory:

Cassie Brady - (608) 881-9164 or onemoreonionmusic@gmail.com


Dave Orr - (608) 433-0666

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  • Doua

    I am looking for guitar lesson. Please let me know available time and date. Thanks

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