From the Archives:  We turned 40 and had a party!

From the Archives: We turned 40 and had a party!

40th anniversary poster

Dave's Guitar Shop turned 40 in 2022 and we had an epic party!  

When:  Sorry, y'all!  The epic party happened on July 23rd, 2022.  You'll have to join us for the 45th!

  • We'll have special guests from Paul Reed Smith, Fender, and other brands you know and love! 
  • Shop our exclusive 40th Anniversary PRS 594s and Santana Retros!
  • Shop our special run of DGS Milwaukee's 5th Anniversary CE-24s!
  • Shop, snack, and celebrate your favorite store!
  • At 3:00, we'll hold the drawing for the THREE guitars we're giving away to support the Hunger Task Force.  One entry to the raffle costs either $5 or a non-perishable food item (which you can take to any of our four locations).  Click here to check out the guitars and donate now!

Guitar giveaway graphic

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