1950 Broadcaster - Blonde
1950 Broadcaster - Blonde

1950 Broadcaster - Blonde

Serial number 0163

The Broadcaster was a two-pickup solidbody guitar able to reach high stage volumes with none of the feedback problems that plagued hollowbody guitars.

Most modern Telecasters have changed very little from the Broadcaster pictured. The features special to Broadcasters and early Teles include closed-shell Kluson Deluxe tuners with no protruding shafts on the side (they were open-shell by 1952), a maple headstock plug (all were walnut by ’52), back string ferrules that weren’t in a straight line (they were straightened by ’51), a pickup Blend control (this became a Tone control by ’52), and slot-head screws (which became Phillips screws by ’54). A black pickguard was used until late ’54, and an ash body with a see-through blonde finish remained standard through the ’70s.

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