1953 Gibson Les Paul - Goldtop
1953 Gibson Les Paul - Goldtop

1953 Gibson Les Paul - Goldtop


 When Gibson teamed up with the legendary recording star Les Paul in 1952, the company created a guitar that became one of the most influential and popular instruments of all time:  The Les Paul Model.

Its brilliant gold finish was achieved by using a bronze powder mixed with nitrocellulose lacquer.  Numerous vintage Goldtops turned green in areas due to the bronze oxidizing when the clear coat was worn through. This one has very little “greening”. The pickup covers, pickguard, and “RHYTHM TREBLE” surround are of the standard cream colored plastic. The Gold “speed” knobs were clear plastic sprayed from underneath with the same bronze powder finish used on the guitar.

1953 was the last year for the long Les Paul designed tailpiece.

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